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Using our service to transcribe your audio is simple. Just take the following 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Create Project: Along with the 'Project Name' and other details which you provide, our system will assign you a 'Project ID'

Step 2: Upload Audio: Our system will automatically quote you a cost based on the length of your audio and the type of transcription sought

Step 3: Review: After each audio file is uploaded, you will be prompted to continue uploading, submit payment (which is the trigger for us to begin transcription) or save the project and take later action.

Step 4: Submit Payment: Upon receipt of your payment details, we will begin the process of assessing your audio to confirm that it can be transcribed. Upon receipt, your project status will change to 'Pending'.

Step 5: Confirmation: We will confirm that your audio can be processed. Upon confirmation, your project status will change to 'Processing'.

Step 6: Notice of Completion: We will inform you that your transcription has been completed. You will be able to download the completed text file and your project status will change to 'Complete'